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You will be required to take a test at the end of the learning document. You will have 30 minutes to complete. If you receive over 93% you will be rewarded with a LinkedIn- build your business certificate.

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LinkedIn- Build you business

LinkedIn- Build your business test



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How many members has LinkedIn currently have? Select one answer.

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Please finish the sentence: LinkedIn is all about…

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Your picture is an essential ingredient for ensuring a killer profile. What 3 key points below are essential in ensuring this? Select 3 answers.

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Please fill in the gap of the following sentence: 'By adding a professional photograph to your LinkedIn profile, this can increase your visibility by XX times or more' Select one answer.

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? Your headline on your profile helps your network understand how you can help them.

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The featured section on your profile is great for. Select 2 of 3 answers.

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? Adding your job title to your headline is a priority.

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When writing your ‘about’ section on your profile what of the below is important? Select 2 of 3 answers.

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By monitoring your SSI score you can see how your profile on LinkedIn is performing. What does SSI stand for? Select one answer.

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There are four components that make up your SSI score. Which of the below is INCORRECT. Select one answer.

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? When posting content on your feed, there are set times to stick within to get the best visibility.

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Hashtags will allow your content to be pushed to a much wider audience. How many are advised to include as a maximum per post? Select one answer

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? The algorithm on LinkedIn has recently changed stating that comments are the most important metric.

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Building relationships & making connections is an essential ingredient as part of your outreach strategy. When connecting it is essential to follow these 3 steps. Select 1 incorrect answer.

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? When generating content for LinkedIn, the focus should be created all about you.

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Is the following sentence TRUE or FALSE? When creating content, it is important to keep the branding consistent. Using the same colouring, font, images and adding a logo to all posts.

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What is a ‘pinned post’ referred to? Select one answer.

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Recording metrics are great for understanding what content is working and what is not working? What of the below are good metric to monitor for your business page directly on LinkedIn? Select 1 incorrect answer.

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