Portable Card Machines For Businesses

Portable PDQ card terminals with reliable wireless connectivity to help your team take quick and easy payments from anywhere in your premises. The perfect solution for large retailers, hospitality and leisure venues. 

Portable PDQ machines that connect your business with your customers

If you manage a retail or hospitality site and take payments from anywhere within your premises, a portable card terminal is the way to go. It will enable your team to provide table service and handheld payments, keep wait times to a minimum and help to avoid queues and bottlenecks in busy customer areas. Our portable card payment systems are built using the latest technology to put you in control. They use reliable wireless connectivity to ensure that wherever your team are – be it in the beer garden, walking the sales floor or at your cash desk – they can take payments quickly and easily.

Powered by the latest technology to help your business flourish

As well as being quick, reliable and easy to use, our countertop PDQ machines are powered by the latest technology. You can load them with useful apps that help improve your processes, reduce your costs, enhance your cash flow and grow your business.

Helping you make a difference

At Payaro, we’re inspired by helping others and giving something back. We work with like-minded customers and partners who share our values and want to make the world a better place. When you work with us, not only will you get access to the latest advanced card payment solutions to help unlock the full potential of your business. You’ll also be getting the opportunity to improve the world around us, improve your Corporate Social Responsibility and redirect financial resources to benefit the most vulnerable in society, with every transaction you take. To find out how you can use our mobile PDQ services to make a difference, get in touch today.