Card Machines For Businesses

PDQ machines that help you give back as you grow

Reliable, fast and secure PDQ card terminals that help you to process payments quickly and deliver exceptional customer service while giving something back and making a difference. 

Out & about

Card Machines

Mobile PDQ terminals that enable you to take reliable, quick and secure payments when you’re out and about.


Card Machines

Countertop PDQ machines which process quick and secure transactions to help you deliver flawless customer service.


Card Machines

Portable PDQ machines that are perfect for allowing your customers to pay from anywhere within your business premises.

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Built on the latest technology for seamless transactions

Our PDQ payment services are built using the latest technology so you can get up and running quickly and start taking payments straight away. We can set you up faster than any other card machine provider in Europe.

It means that whether you are out and about, taking payments at a till or around your premises, you can benefit from a reliable, safe and secure system that enables you to deliver an exceptional service to your customers.

Payments which create a positive impact

At Payaro, we believe in making the world a better place.

We’ve designed our PDQ payment services to ensure every transaction processed makes a valuable contribution to society, to help businesses improve their Corporate Social Responsibility

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