What’s the best card payment machine?

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Card payments are now more popular than ever and account for at least 60% of all sales in the UK.

They provide consumers with a quick, easy and convenient way to pay for goods and services without having to carry wads of cash around with them when they go on a shopping spree.

And with contactless and mobile purchases also on the increase, not being able to offer your customers the ability to pay the way they want to can do serious damage to your brand and reputation.

However, choosing the right card machine for your business can be a challenge.

With so much choice on the marketplace, it can be difficult to know what you need or if your current card payment system fits the bill, and if you could get better value elsewhere.

So, if you’re looking to invest in new payment card machines or upgrade your existing ones, here’s a handy guide to choosing the best card payment machine for your business.

Why do I need a card payment machine?

Regardless of what your business does, if you deal with customers face-to-face then being able to take card payments is essential.

Card payments are now more popular than cash transactions, with more than 1.2bn debit card transactions being processed in the UK every month.

The use of payment cards has risen by 14% since 2016 and is set to increase as consumers and businesses recognise the benefits, security and convenience that paying by card can bring.

Businesses of any size can benefit from offering card payments.

They mean customers aren’t limited by the amount of cash they have on them. They help keep queuing and wait times to a minimum, as you don’t have to worry about counting out and giving change.

And you can link your payment system to your accounting software to automate your bookkeeping and keep an accurate, real-time record of your sales.

In fact, not offering card payments will put your business in a minority as most consumers now expect to be able to pay by card wherever they go.

How do I choose the right payment card machine?

There are several different payment card machines on the market, and choosing the right one for your business will depend on your needs.

Some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself include:

  • What payment options do you offer currently?
  • Where will you be taking payments – at a checkout/counter, from the shop floor or at a different location?
  • Does your business have broadband or wifi?
  • How many card terminals do you need?
  • Do you want or have a have point of sale (POS) system?
  • Do you want to offer contactless payments?

If you’re unsure which card machine is right for your business, use the guide below to make a start…

What’s the best card machine for small businesses?


Mobile PDQ machines

Perfect for: mobile professional, trade or salespeople

If you spend most of your time away from the workplace seeing clients and doing jobs, then being able to take secure payments on the go is essential. A mobile PDQ machine will enable you to stay connected with your business and take payments from anywhere.

Quick, convenient and reliable, a mobile PDQ machine will make it easy to accept card payments from wherever you are to enhance the overall customer service you provide.

These handheld devices are built on the latest technology and come with multiple connectivity options, meaning you’ll always be able to accept payments while you’re with the customer, rather than worrying about sending an invoice or chasing payment via the phone or email after you’ve left.

Countertop card machines

Perfect for: Retail sales and reception desks

In busy customer-facing environments, being able to take quick, reliable and secure payments will help you keep queuing to a minimum and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Countertop card machines provide the perfect solution for enhancing your purchasing experience and enabling your customers to pay for your goods and services with minimum fuss.

Countertop card machines are ideal for checkouts, tills and reception desks. They are built using the latest technology to ensure they are easy to use and can link with your other business software, such as stock management and accounting applications, to give you complete visibility of your sales operations.

And multiple connectivity and power options help keep downtime to a minimum, enabling you to focus on delivering the best in-store experience to your customers.

Portable card machines

Perfect for: Larger retailers, leisure and hospitality

If you operate a large retail outlet or a leisure or hospitality venue, chances are you won’t just be taking payments at a checkout or till.

Offering your customers the ability to make payments anywhere from your shop floor can enhance the experience you offer. And with lockdown easing and alfresco socialising back on the agenda, being able to take payments from anywhere within your premises – whether that’s indoors or outdoors – is essential. If that’s the case, a portable card terminal is the way to go.

Portable card machines are great for businesses that provide table service and handheld payments. They increase customer convenience, keep wait times to a minimum and help to avoid queues and bottlenecks in busy customer areas.

They can also help your business adhere to coronavirus and social distancing rules in the current climate.

Portable card payment machines are handheld, rechargeable and use reliable wireless connectivity so your team can take payments from anywhere in your business, whether that’s at the bar or cash desk, on the sales floor or in the beer garden.

How Payaro can help

We provide fast and secure card payment solutions that use the latest technology to help you deliver flawless customer service.

We work with like-minded customers to help them achieve their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and give something back with every payment they take. Our ground-breaking technology allows our customers to make a donation of their choice to one of our designated community partners with every transaction.

For a free consultation so we can understand your business requirements and develop a secure payments solution that helps you reach your sales and customer service goals, get in touch today.